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Vinyl & CD! If you just want vinyl & download its cheaper and can be found in the product section.

Debut from We like We, mixed by sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard.

Vinyl w/ digital download link.

We like We. How do you describe an orchestra that is a unique constellation? Some would call it a band. I just think it is really good music. Let’s make this clear. We are dealing with four vivacious young women. There is a vocalist, a violin, a cello and a one woman army of percussion. The music is classically rooted. The attitude is intense. They handle their instruments acoustically and electrically. They are vulnerable and vociferous. Lingering and hot-tempered. They have a mission. Light as the sky and dark as the darkness.

They want to create music that can build a standpoint. A place where a waking sensibility can become a community. It is music from the inside dealing with the outside, the surrounding world. They believe in a new age of enlightenment. They believe in art. In music. They master their instruments completely but use their classical perfection like a jamming rock band.

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